Ever since the Compact Disc (CD) was released in the early 80’s, it has been used as one of the shining examples of how brilliant technology is destined to become a commercial success overnight. What fewer people know is that while CD production reached critical mass around 1983, its first introduction to the press was already in 1977.
Sony and Philips, two deep-pocketed companies, working in partnership and putting their absolute best marketing people on the job, actually took over 6 years to turn this, at the time revolutionary audio technology into a success.

Today, many tech companies also believe they sit on groundbreaking technology and commercial success is just a matter of time.

At Route206 we believe they are right!
However, commercial success is the result of careful commercial planning and professional execution – it does not happen by itself. While technical superiority is a great start, it is the successful execution of an effective commercial strategy that will determine the success of your technology and ultimately… your company.

Route206 is your partner in commercial planning and execution. If you bring the technology, we’ll bring the expertise and the network to generate the revenues.
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We focus on things aloft!

Whether it is drone powered HAPS, constellations in LEO and MEO or DTH and HTS in GEO… Some things are just better solved by taking flight, rather than using
fibers and software on the ground.

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We have successful strategies for many vertical markets

If you want to find out if any of these are markets that you should focus on, we can help. We bring relevant expertise to help you assess the opportunities.

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At Route 206 we help innovators by working with outside stakeholders: Customers, Investors and the Press, allowing innovators to focus and perfect their groundbreaking technology.

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