Running a business should be rewarding and bring joy. Many technology entrepreneurs find their joy in being in the office and build or perfect their technology, convinced as they are that any one day they are not in the office, is a day they’re not building the company.
While their focus is important, companies are just as much built by external focus as they are by building the product.
At Route 206 we find our joy in working with outside stakeholders: Customers, Investors, Conference organizers and the Press. In doing so we help Technology companies with their Commercial Strategies

  • Market Selection
  • Need analysis and Problem definition
  • Product Position and Value based pricing
  • Promotional Activities
    • Shows and TradePress,
    • Website and Advertisements
    • Networking and Social Media
  • Sales Planning
    • Organization and Size
    • Location and Skills
    • Processes and procedures
    • IT support in CRM and ERP
  • Sales roll-out
    • Capture management and lead tracking
    • Customer communication and monitoring
    • Proposal development and negotiations
    • Service delivery and customer support
  • Performance monitoring and feedback
  • Service improvement request and implementation
  • Assessing Diversification opportunities
  • Market development

At Route206 we have experience with all these activities and can support your organization taking its first or next step in is commercial development.