We bring commercial experience in the fiber and satellite industry, with demonstrable track record.

Operating successfully in any of these markets require a large network of contacts, the right skills and adequate resources to assess the business challenges in various vertical markets, adequate technical fluency to translate technology in relevant value propositions, the experience and resources to position these services in a compelling way and the confidence to ask for the right price, representing the value your service brings to the customer.
We help you navigate towards success!


Ronald van der Breggen

As an instrument rated airplane pilot, I place great importance on structured approaches based on solid analysis. As a saxophone player I enjoy creativity and developing solutions that appeal to the heart as much as they do to the mind. And as an enthusiastic basketball player I enjoy the company of people, in bringing out the best in them and of course.. Winning!

During my career I’ve led both technical and commercial teams and built up vast experience in the software, telecom and satellite markets. In one of my latest activities at LeoSat, I led the team that after 4 years of hard work ultimately amassed USD 2 Billion in customer pre-launch commitments. This is a testament to how commercial success needs creativity, planning and ultimately focused execution. Put all that in place and it is my belief you’ll succeed!

Having had the good fortune of traveling the world, working with customers and staff across the globe, I found there are universal truths in what binds people and drives result: The absolute belief that what we do matters.