We bring expertise in Government sales and work with companies in many verticals

Operating in remote, harsh and rural areas, space solutions are ideal to support Oil & Gas. As a result, we speak to not just technical people but increasing with IT representative who are looking for solution that are fully interoperable with the terrestrial infrastructure currently in use.

Increasingly dependent on low-latency solutions and access to remote locations, there is real development towards less traditional solutions. Low Earth Orbit in particular in gaining a lot of traction and people are really paying attention.

Data dependency is the name of the game and consequently (cyber)security is high on the agenda. Space based solutions can help address those needs and this is a market waiting to be addressed. Reaching more locations and connecting them quicker is also driving many decisions in Enterprise and companies able to provide solutions will find many opportunities.

From a telecommunication perspective, ships have become floating office buildings rather than remote locations only requiring intermittent internet access, creating massive opportunities for those who have their architecture right. As long-established market for EO services, this market will have to be on anyone’s list who is operating in space.

The go to place for any satellite service targeting data. Whether it is expanding reach, getting customers implemented faster or providing secure services, the telecom market has always a buyer. How to create a sustainable advantage and how to resist downward price pressure is more challenging, however.

While already a large participant in the EO sector, for communication technology Arctic is a largely untapped area. There is demand in raw bandwidth as well as tailored solutions is often forgotten. Cable systems are slow to roll-out, micro-wave is expensive to maintain and wireless technologies hard to deploy. Low-Earth Orbit systems are therefore very much welcomed in these markets.

Be it for comms, EO or IoT, governments have always demonstrated great interest in space! How to get access to the government and how to manage these often-lengthy processes is another matter. Once successful these customers are amongst the most loyal and provide opportunities to raise you Corporate Social Responsibility profile

If you want to find out if any of these markets are markets that you should focus on, we can help. We bring relevant expertise to help assess the opportunities, to develop the value proposition, position the service and to bring you in contact with your future customers.